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Mono PCR Deodorant and Paper Tube Combo:Meeting All of Your Capacity Needs

At Tatapack, we are constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve our products and meet the needs of our customers. That’s why we are excited to introduce our newest addition to our Mono PCR Deodorant line: the Mono PCR Deodorant and Paper Tube Combo.

Expanding Capacity Options

Our third generation Mono PCR Deodorant, the refillable and recyclable deodorant packaging, has been a hit with customers looking to reduce their plastic use and be more eco-friendly. However, we wanted to go even further and offer even more capacity options to meet the diverse needs of our customers. That’s where the paper tube combo comes in. By using a paper tube as a refillable option, we can offer a wider range of capacities, from smaller travel sizes to larger everyday use sizes.

Easy Refill Process

The refill process for the paper tube combo is simple and convenient. Once the original deodorant in the Mono PCR Deodorant packaging has been used up, customers can easily refill the container by pushing the deodorant from the paper tube into the Mono PCR Deodorant packaging. No need for extra packaging or waste – just a seamless transition from one deodorant to the next.

Sustainable and Convenient

Not only does the Mono PCR Deodorant and Paper Tube Combo offer a range of capacity options, it is also a sustainable choice. The paper tube is made from recycled materials and is fully biodegradable, making it a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional plastic packaging. And with the easy refill process, it’s a convenient choice as well. Overall, the Mono PCR Deodorant and Paper Tube Combo is the perfect combination of sustainability and convenience for all of your deodorant needs.

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