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Plastic Bottles, 5ml 10ml 15ml Clear AS Airless Pump Bottles w/ Silver Pumps & Clear Caps



These white polypropylene airless pumps feature silver collars made from an plastic shell with UV electroplate and are paired with clear AS (acrylonitrile styrene) plastic bottles. Included are clear AS plastic caps that help to prevent unwanted discharge during storage and transport. The airless pump bottles feature small air intake holes in the base, creating a vacuum and pushing the inner plate upward to dispense product without air contact. Reducing your product’s contact with air helps to extend its shelf life. Choose this stylish option to house products such as cosmetics, face creams, hair serums, and much more.


  • Material: AS and PP
  • MOQ: 5,000pcs
  • Lead time: 30 days


  • Non spill, highly sealed and leakproof
  • Ideal discharge amount
  • Compatible for hand and body lotion, pharmaceuticals, veterinary products and household chemicals
  • Hot stamping, frosting, color coating, for more click here
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