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Tatapack’s Sustainable Deodorant Stick Containers: Exciting Updates for 2023!

Tatapack Resumes Operations After Chinese New Year Celebrations

We are delighted to announce that Tatapack has resumed operations at our factory following the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. Our overseas customers and partners can look forward to exciting updates from us.

Tatapack Achieves Significant Milestone with Sustainable Packaging

Our most sought-after product in 2022 was the ADM series deodorant stick container, which has become a sensation in the European and American markets. The container’s eco-friendly design and superior quality have driven its success. We’re proud to share that we’ve been using PCR material since 2019, and in 2022, PCR accounted for 67.5% of our export business, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability.

Upgraded Production Line Improves Efficiency and Quality

To lead the deodorant stick container sector in 2023, we’ve upgraded our production line with state-of-the-art automatic assembly equipment. This investment has significantly increased our production efficiency and quality standards. We’re also committed to upgrading more of our products to be made with PCR materials and eliminating wasteful production practices.

Sustainability is a Top Priority at Tatapack

At Tatapack, we prioritize sustainability in all aspects of our operations. We strive to raise environmental awareness and make a positive impact. Our efforts not only benefit our company but also contribute to building a more sustainable world. We’re confident that our continued efforts will keep us at the forefront of sustainable stick packaging innovation, setting the industry standard.

Tatapack Promises High-Quality and Sustainable Deodorant Stick Containers

We’re grateful for the trust and support of our customers and partners and promise to continue providing high-quality, sustainable deodorant stick containers that meet their needs. With our unwavering dedication to sustainability and innovative design, we’re confident in our ability to thrive in the market and grow with our clients.

Thank you for choosing Tatapack as your partner. We look forward to a prosperous and sustainable future together!

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