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Tatapack: Customized Child-Proof Deodorant Stick Packaging

Tatapack specializes in producing eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, with a particular emphasis on creating high-quality Deodorant Stick packaging.When customers have unique requirements, we are able to provide solutions to meet your needs.

Meeting Unique Customer Needs

One of our customers was interested in our Deodorant Stick packaging, but the customer’s product contained CBD and was not suitable for children to use. In order to ensure the safety of children, the customer requested that we add a child-proof feature to the product.

Innovative Child-Proof Design

In response to this request, our design team created a child-proof cap feature for the Deodorant Stick packaging. The conventional product can be easily opened by simply turning the cap, while the child-proof version requires a push-down and twist motion to open. This added safety feature effectively prevents children from accessing the product, while still being easy for adults to use.

Satisfied Customer Feedback

The design we created received positive feedback from the customer, who was thrilled with the final product. Our dedication to meeting specific needs and continuously improving our products is evident in this case. Tatapack will continue to strive for excellence in all of our offerings.

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