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Tatapack: Meeting Unique Needs with Customized Packaging Solutions

Tatapack is a professional manufacturer of sustainable cosmetic packaging, with a main focus on Deodorant Stick packaging. When regular products cannot meet your needs, we offer private mold customization to provide you with the specific product they desire.

Unique Customer Needs

One of our customers was interested in our Deodorant Stick packaging for its unique appearance and structure, but they intended to use it for filling a thinner liquid formula, similar to a lotion. Based on the customer’s product formula, we recommended lotion bottles and other packaging more suitable for their formula, but the customer desired a distinct and unique packaging.

Innovative Solution

Our design team and business support colleagues worked closely with the customer through numerous communications to clearly understand their needs and began to modify the product’s parts. We made several changes to the design of the product. First, because the product was not a paste, we changed the bottom piston rod’s design to be sealed. Second, for the same reason, we designed the top cap to be hollow, making it easier for the user to control the amount of product dispensed. Finally, we changed the bottom filling design to be on the top, as the bottom filling design was prone to leakage.

Customer Satisfaction

This unique design, which sets it apart from typical products, was highly praised by the customer. They were extremely satisfied with the final product and our team’s dedication to meeting their specific needs and improving the product is evident in this case. Tatapack is committed to continually improving our products to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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