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Tatapack’s Tailored Solution for Deodorant Stick Packaging Needs

Tatapack is a professional manufacturer of sustainable cosmetic packaging, with a main focus on Deodorant Stick packaging. With our professional expertise, we have helped many customers solve the problem of mismatches between their product and their needs. Through private mold customization, we were able to provide the customer with the product they desired, ensuring that their expectations were met and exceeded.

Customer’s Problem

One of our customers encountered some minor issues during the filling test of the deodorant stick after receiving our samples. The customer faced two problems: first, when the deodorant stick was filled and cooled, upon turning the bottom of the bottle, the customer found that the formula stick could not be pushed out. Upon disassembling, it was found that the piston rod had broken. Even when some samples could be pushed out, the awkward situation still occurred, the customer found that when rotating the bottom in the opposite direction, the formula stick could not be retracted.

Problem Analysis

Through video conference communication, our engineers identified the problem. The customer had purchased a 75ml Deodorant Stick packaging, but only filled it with 60ml of formula. Our product has a bottom filling design, which caused the formula to not fully pass through the piston , leading to difficulty in dispensing and retracting the formula. Additionally, the customer’s local climate was colder, causing the deodorant to be harder and putting more stress on the piston rod.

Solution Provided

Our solution was to make adjustments to the piston rod positioning and the piston height, ensuring that the piston was just above the formula. This would ensure that the deodorant stick fully passed through the piston, making it easy to be pushed out and retract the formula. We also added a rotation direction reminder on the bottom of the bottle, to make it easier for consumers to understand the product’s usage. Additionally, we reinforced the piston rod’s connection point to make the product more durable. To prevent any accidental damage, we added a small design feature to the bottle cap, once the piston is rotated to the bottom, it is no longer able to rotate the bottom of the bottle, this can prevent the screw from breaking due to improper operation.

Customer’s Feedback

As a result of our solution, the customer was able to successfully use the product without any issues. They were very satisfied with the final product and appreciated our prompt and effective response to their concerns. Tatapack’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product improvement is evident in this case, and we will continue to strive for excellence in all of our products.

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